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Raising kids is difficult – heck, if anyone qualifies for awards about honor and sacrifice, it’s parents would quality for them easily. (Well, I did say MOST parents.) Unfortunately, the truth is that not all adults with kids make great parents. ANY adult can have a kid and that automatically makes them a parent – but it doesn’t make them a GREAT parent, or even a good one. But, the really good news is that GREAT parents are not born, they are made. AND, the even better news is that  – you don’t have to be some kind of great, super parent to raise healthy, resilient, great kids: Nope. You just have to be a regular ol’ GOOD parent – and, fortunately, GOOD parents are also made, not born.

I can help you be the type of parent you want to be for your kid – or kids! Because the goal of parenting is to raise kids in as healthy and safe an environment as possible and to encourage your kids to do as well or better than their own parents have – so that your grandchildren do better, too. That means they do better in ALL important areas of life – academic, social, work AND “self” areas, such as coping with stress, keeping good personal habits and being happier. That’s the goal.

And it is a hard goal to reach, darn it, because, well, you’re dealing with KIDS, for crying out loud! WHY WON’T THESE KIDS LISTEN! WHAT’S.. well, you know how it is. What do kids know about life and how difficult it can be? Actually, you may be surprised to learn that kids really know quite a bit about life –  because kids are LEARNING machines. They absorb information like a vacuum cleaner picks up dust and small toys and lost jewelry – and JUST LIKE a vacuum cleaner sometimes picks up things that you really didn’t want it to pick up, kids, too, will often pick up information and LEARN STUFF BEFORE they really have enough life experience and contextual knowledge that permits them to make USEFUL SENSE out of the “information” that they have “picked up,” even if that information has been vacuumed up randomly, accidentally or wrongly. And that’s where parenting comes in. And parenting  often gets more difficult as kids get older.

Well, in any case – if you haven’t noticed already – it ain’t easy to raise kids.  BUT with the right advice – and there is a LOT of , um, mediocre (if not downright foolish and bad advice) out there – but how can you tell the difference? Well, subscribing to  my FREE newsletter is  one way and it’s a good beginning to learn how to tell the good advice from the “not so good.” And checkout some of the articles, books and reference links I have on this site. Parenting is not easy, but it’s a lot easier when you have good advice to follow. And that’s what I aim to provide HERE.

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