Where Are You Headed?

Education will get you there.

I’m clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Abruzzese. That’s a pretty long name, so most folks call me Dr. Mike or Dr. A. I’ve been a teacher in private schools, a school psychologist in public schools and a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. I’ve taught middle school students in Russia and lectured professional audiences in Amsterdam, Greece and the United States. I’ve taught freshmen, upper classes and graduate students at colleges and universities and conducted assessments for the government and even the Court system. And two things are clear to me after all these years of teaching, training and assessing children, adolescents and adults in the East and West:

First lesson?
A good education – or the lack of one – is a life changing experience.

Second lesson?
EVERYONE can learn to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations with the right teacher or learning coach – even if there are learning disabilities or behavioral issues.

And I’m glad you’re here! Because if you’re here, that means that you’re interested in discovering new ways to easily and safely overcome obstacles and exceed expectations in your academic, social and even your work life. Even if you have learning disabilities – even NON-VERBAL learning disabilities; EVEN if you happen to experience challenges due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Asperger’s Syndrome (now called Autistic Spectrum Disorder); and EVEN if you’re troubled by shyness, anxiety, depression or panic attacks. So yes; WELCOME – to Total School Success. We’re all about psychology tips, techniques and methods for students of all ages to engage in successful, life-long learning in a fun, inspirational, and informative format. This website combines with our blog, vlog, podcast and original radio program, MAKE YOUR GRADE, which was heard each Sunday night at 7:30 pm on WATD, 95.9 FM on the dial. (Dial? What’s a dial? Does any radio still have a dial?) Check out this site – it’s changing and developing every week as we grow. I bet that this will be one of the most interesting sites you’ll visit all week! Well, that’s our goal anyway. Let’s see how well we do.
For Students
Psst. Wanna know a secret? School can be tough. OK; sometimes LIFE can be tough, too! Duh… But did you know that you CAN LEARN HOW TO overcome the daily challenges you are faced with? Yeah, sometimes school, parents, families and life can be troublesome, but you can learn how to overcome obstacles and exceed other people’s expectations? I can help you learn how….
For Students
Hey, MOMS and DADS! Are you dealing with a son or daughter with learning disabilities, behavior problems or some weird, mysterious condition like maybe zombies or aliens have taken over your teenager? Let me show you how to handle tough situations without losing your cool and “alien”-ating your adolescent even more than now.
For Students
Be A Master Teacher… Learn how to motivate and empower your students to excel in school, work and life? Get tips on how better to overcome behavior problems in the classroom? Learn how to more effectively teach students on IEPs, 504 plans and adult learners under the ADA? Deal with difficult and challenging teaching situations involving students, parents and colleagues? Yep. I can help with that.

I started this site to help students of all ages overcome obstacles PLUS learn life skills and psychology that can help individuals be at their best. You can learn about:

  • Academics.
  • Learning Disabilities and Non Verbal Learning Disabilities.
  • Relationships and Social Interactions.
  • College, Graduate School and Work Issues.
  • Psychological Testing and what it can accomplish.
  • Child Psychology and how it can help students and families.
  • You can even make an appointment online to meet with me! How cool is that?
Our Make Your Grade radio programs and podcasts are about overcoming obstacles and exceeding expectations, even if you have a learning disability; EVEN if you have a non-verbal learning disability. Even if you are sometimes bothered or blocked by personal behavioral challenges such as ADHD, Asperger’s, shyness, anxiety, depression or even panic attacks.
So read the PsyBlog, listen to the Podcasts and archived radio programs and see what we have… for YOU.

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  • Personal Behavior Challenges
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