Now You Can Get The Book…even if you can’t get to a psychologist!

Ten Lessons In Power Psychology

Why Not Have  A Better Life?

Using psychological knowledge can improve your life. These TEN LESSONS, written in commonsense, everyday language for older children and adults, is a short book meant to be read and used. It provides the psychological information readers need to help overcome obstacles and exceed expectations with just FOUR STEPS. You can read a chapter and start using the information immediately! How great is that?

Discover New And Easy Ways To:

•   Improve the quality of your sleep.

•   Help your child improve their grades.

•   Turbocharge your exercise workouts.

•    Increase your reading speed.

•    Improve your work relationships.

•    Reduce your worrying.

•    Stop procrastinating.

Praise for TEN LESSONS:

“Dr. Abruzzese distills  the vast progress that behavioral psychology has made in recent years into an easy to follow user’s manual to make your brain more ‘user friendly.’”

– Marc A. Whaley, M.D.

“These simple techniques can be followed by anyone and Dr. Abruzzese has put complicated psychology techniques into terms we can all understand.”

                                                       – Mindy Todd, Host of The Point on NPR affiliate WCAI, (FM 94.3)


Dr. A. on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This radio program, on NPR’s The Point, with host Mindy Todd, won an AP and a PRINDI award.Dr. A. appears with Mindy and Psychiatrist Dr. Marc Whaley.