Invite Dr. A. To Speak

 Want your students to earn an A?

Invite Dr. A. to your school and they’ll get an A PLUS¬† draplussigp

We live in a world blessed with teachers, mentors and speakers who can share their experiences with others – there are so very many, many marvelous speakers and each and every one of them has an inspirational story that can touch and motivate their listeners. But it takes MORE than simply motivating a listener before true change can happen. For all the inspirational messages a listener receives, sometimes the listener STILL can’t put the lessons into actual practice, due to personal and sometimes hidden obstacles that sabotage a listener’s best intentions to change his or her life -even after hearing a great and encouraging motivational speaker.

For over thirty years, Dr. A has been one of those marvelous speakers, providing inspirational and motivating speeches to audiences at school, colleges, universities and organizations. But he’s ALSO been lecturing at colleges and universities, TEACHING in public and private school, SUPERVISING and TRAINING graduate students at Harvard Medical School, Northeastern University, Tufts University School or Medicine AND presenting continuing education classes NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY to educators, health professionals and other professional individuals and organizations.

PLUS, he’s been providing clinical and educational services in neuropsychology, clinical and behavioral psychology and school psychology to patients and coaching clients in clinics, hospitals and in his own private practice SPECIFICALLY tailored to help individuals DO MORE than just be inspired – he HELPS them learn how to OVERCOME obstacles and EXCEED expectations.

So when you invite Dr. A to your school, college, organization or workplace, you ALWAYS get Dr. A’s experience as a great motivational speaker, trainer and coach – PLUS you get a clinical psychologist with over thirty years of experience ACTUALLY HELPING people OVERCOME OBSTACLES and EXCEED EXPECTATIONS – even if they have been previously held back by hidden obstacles such as verbal or non-verbal learning disabilities or common behavioral bothers such as shyness, anxiety, panic, or trauma.

With Dr. A. at your school, you always get the Dr. A. Advantage.

You ALWAYS getdraplussigp