For Students

I worked with students and teachers as a school psychologist, teacher and as an expert speaker and consultant, and I can tell you that every school is different and every student is ALSO different, but both schools, students and teachers have the SAME PROBLEMS.

Yeah, but although the PROBLEMS are the same, the CONTEXT of the problems are different. For example, nearly every school has a bullying problem, but the TYPES of bullying are different and go from mild to deadly.

And bad, lazy, unmotivated teachers? Check – every school system has them.

Unmotivated administrators? Crabby secretaries and assistants? Check – every school has THEM,  too.

411: I was in a school the other day and a fourth grader asked a simple question and the secretary – talking through the thick glass barrier, of course, ignored the question and just said, “No, you can’t, Just go on down to the auditorium.” The girl modified her request three times, but the secretary just keep saying the same thing: “No, you can’t, Just go on down to the auditorium.” The girl was trying to locate her own FATHER, coming to see her in the building that very morning!

What’s more – this isn’t new! I had to deal with the SAME PROBLEMS when I was in school! OMG! The adults acting this way now were kids back then….WHY are they REPEATING the same unhelpful, rude and sometimes dangerous behavior THEY, THEMSELVES received from lazy, bad and unmotivated adults when they were students?

Well, PSYCHOLOGY explains all this. It’s kind cool, actually. And no, I was not a nerd when I was in school…I was actually, um, well, uh, I don’t think we need to go there.  (But let’s say that my principals always knew my name…and I knew theirs!)

And If school wasn’t bad enough, sometimes the bus alone is enough to make you hate school. Or your Mom or your Dad or your brother, sister, step-brother, half-sister, uncle, aunt is a….well. The one GOOD thing about when things go wrong, is that it’s a good opportunity to learn how to make things go right.

By learning more about how to deal with people and problems (that’s what PSYCHOLOGY is REALLY all about, after all), we become stronger, more resilient and better able to cope with the stupid and crazy things that can happen as we get older, go to college and get our first job…(which actually, is a lot like going back to high school, but SOMETIMES is more like middle school!)

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